Testimonial 2

"Working with Dan & In The Mix was so much fun as I planned my parents Anniversary party at my home. Dan was responsive, and easy to work with as the date approached. It was a total surprise to my guests (and parents) that we had hired an in-home bartender!  Having Dan there, certainly elevated the vibe of the party. The crowd loved interacting with him, ordering special cocktails and getting wild with RumChata as the night progressed.  His set up and clean up were impeccable (coming from a neat freak)! Is it weird that I have been looking for another excuse to have a party, just to hire In The Mix!?"


Testimonial 1

"When we were trying to plan our wedding, only a few things came to mind that would make the party what it is. One of them (most importantly in my mind) was the bar. After talking to Dan, he completely put our minds at ease. He came up with everything we would need, helped us pick which kinds and brands of drinks to go with, and talked to us about things that weren't necessary. When it came time for the party, the whole crew was focused, ready, professional, and hammered everything out. They never stopped. It was really great to see how hard they were trying to make an incredible night for all of our friends and family. I have no problem whatsoever recommending them to anyone who wants to guarantee a party to never be forgotten."

-John Bisson